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~ : Angelii
+ : Ashura
* : Original Character

~ Canon ~
LANDIS - he was cray but still important but went back to Sleep

LADY LILLY PENDRAGON - she was cray (no not really just bossy but that's fine) and also cool but went back to Sleep

+ NASH Clovis LATKJE - NASH FROM THE PAST NOT HIS TIMELINE and it's weird but Thomas has gotten use to it. Fraaaands :D

~ In-Game ~
~ AMERICA (ALFRED JONES) - Fraaaands he's loud but then he went to Sleep

~ AXEL - Waking Buddies! :D They had a strange frandship. And then he went on a trip after KH3DS updates came up

ALEXANDER WOLFGANG * - First picked up Thomas when he was a parrot. Then they were frands :D but he went to Sleep :[

BILBO BAGGINS - Hobbit! Very thoughtful, keeps a nice garden. Went back to Sleep.

CANADA (MATTHEW WILLIAMS) - also fraaands and he forgets him half of the time which is less than what others would do but he went back to Sleep

CRAWFORD SANDS * - Thomas got held up by Crawford's other Self during a storm. Frands?

CLU 1.0 - He makes crystals and glows.

~ DANA TAN - Very helpful!

DEADLOCK - Hallo new friend? ;v; Also went back to Sleep

~ DEATH - SCARY Not so bad when you get to know him. Curry buddy!

ENGLAND (ARTHUR KIRKLAND) - He says Thomas is nice and quiet and not crazy so they are frands. He went back to Sleep.

FONE BONE - Fraaands he went back to Sleep

GLaDOS - ...Not sure what to call this. She went to Sleep

+ IRENE MALLIDIAS * - A bro/sis who checks in from time to time

JIMINY CRICKET - The best conscience!

+ LELOUCH VI BRITANNIA - Frands! :D But he went on a trip forever

LEO FITZ - A nice man who needs a lot of support, but he's been doing well?

+ LUCAS KOVACH - Derp A very good guy who tries to keep track of everything in the city

MARIN - She's new! And very sweet. Went back to Sleep.

MARY POPPINS - Spoonful of sugar, a very nice lady

~ MICHAEL TRINITY - A slob, pervert, and overall nuisance, but still had some good in him. Went traveling?

~ MILES "TAILS" PROWER - Very creative and innovative! Good fox frand

MONDAY - Fraaands and then he went to Sleep

PANDORA * - Fraaands? but she went back to Sleep

+ RATCHET (TFA) - oldbot was awesome and he went on a trip

+ RIP VAN WINKLE - it's complicated but she went back to Sleep? or did she go on a trip I don't knoooow

ROXAS - An interesting mix of innocence and rage, but a good friend. Went back to Sleep.

SORA - Fraaands but he went on a trip with Axel (or went to Sleep I forgot everything sob)

SOREN - So blunt and everything but still a frand and he went back to Sleep but Thomas knew he needed to go back ;v;

+ STARSCREAM (TFA) - fraaaaands Thomas was going to learn how to shift into bird form one day but then things happened and he went to Sleep again

+ SUZAKU KURURUGI - Fraaaaands he helped build Budehuc's new buildings

~ TALLY YOUNGBLOOD - frands? but she went back to Sleep

~ WENDY DARLING - Fraaand and she went back to Sleep twice why does his heart hurt ;v;

(~) WHEELJACK - fraaand he went to Sleep but came back and then went to Sleep again.

~ Plus Dogs & Other ~
KOROKU - Akita. the only one of from home.

PLUTO - King Mickey's adorable yellow-orange mutt. It's Sora and Axel's fault.

REINBACH * - Pudge Corgi. Use to be Teatime's, but Death dropped him off one Hogswatch Eve.

ELIZABETH * - The unicorn with many retainers. Thomas lets her run free most of the time, anyway.

Conclusion: Thomas is sad
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